Son Of The Mourning

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After a lot of deliberation, Son Of The Mourning have finally completed their line-up, welcoming a new guitarist and a new bassist on board.
On guitar duties, Garron Dodd fit the bill perfectly and on bass, they have found Pete Runcie.

The band are currently preparing newer material and have big ambitions to return to the live circuit with a new set in the summer. The new material will probably be more metallic and more riff based than the older stuff (imagine Darkest Hour, Alexis On Fire, Black Dahlia Murder and KsE in a street-brawl). Whilst it will be different, it will certainly retain the originality and melodic elements of SOTM that you are used to...

After an early self titled demo CD the bands sophomore recording æThe Lambton Road EPÆ saw SOTM taking their manic mix of haunting melodies and savage guitar assaults to a wider audience, the disc receiving rave reviews in a number of fanzines and webzines and waves were beginning to be made outside of their hometown Manchester scene where already the fan base was consistently expanding.

Now an established live act with strong pedigree, since the release of æLambton RoadÆ and prior to the recording of their latest effort æForest BankÆ SOTM undertook a heavy gigging schedule and have shared bills and stages with scene heavyweights such as Converge, Beecher, Eden Maine, Number One Son, Aconite Thrill and Shaped By Fate and the bands intense and emotional live show was critically acclaimed in large publications such as æRocksoundÆ magazine.

Despite a keen DIY ethic and a strong involvement in their hometown scene, promoting and organising shows and limiting door prices where possible in order to take their music to as many people as they can, with the recently recorded æForest BankÆ, the band have captured their most refined and impressive material to date and are set to make huge bounds within the alternative music world in 2004.

æForest BankÆ was recorded and released off their own backs in MarchÆ04 but the cd was re-released through Engineer Records to a wider availability in September'04. The release will be backed up by live dates across the UK.

ôtheir name should be on the lips of everyone interested in heavy musicö

ôHard-Nosed Fierce and Uncompromising from first screech to last, itÆs heartening to hear a band making a racket and doing something a little uncommonö